We are inspiring action

for the environment through education and awareness.


students, individuals, and organizations in the sustainability movement 


Our mission is to raise environmental awareness in academic, local, and business communities through positive support. 


EnviroHub was originally founded as a student club at Salt Lake Community College in Utah, when a group of students with a passion for environmental change realized the importance of engaging and connecting people in the sustainability movement. This impassioned group of students then set out to create an ideal network: one where students, organizations, and community members could work together to incorporate environmental awareness and strategy into everyday lives. Through their hard work and ambition EnviroHub was soon established as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Since our formal establishment in 2012, EnviroHub has grown from a single campus club to digitally connecting clubs around the world, creating new chapters at other universities, and reaching thousands of people across 10 countries around the world. 

EnviroHub went through a short period of inactivity after it's quick growth spurt, and has officially been back in action since 2016 at our new headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Immediately after starting up again we launched the 1 For 3 Program, a program that helps to provide glass-only recycling opportunities for Colorado communities. 

Our newest endeavor, the Club Membership Program, will bring us back to our roots of connecting students in the environmental movement. Find out more about the program here