SLCC Recycling Station

Club:  SLCC EnviroClub

Submitted by: Todd Lehman

Location: Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, UT

Project objective: Provide an education recycling station, where students and faculty could learn about recycling different materials, like paper, plastic, batteries, and cell phones . . . all while recycling those very things in the station!

Project Details: 

This project called for the creation of an all-encompassing and engaging way to teach the student body about recycling and why it's important to a sustainable school.  After receiving approval from the student center and the Recycling Facilities management, we created a re-claimed wood station complete with 6 pre-designed holes specific for sourced separated recycling.  These included paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, batteries, and cell-phones.  Each section had its own facts on each material, and a board to highlight other sustainable initiatives on campus.

Key Actions

-Team up with the Recycling Facilities management to ensure continued use of the station after all students had graduated.

-Design and collaborate with local carpenters to create the station, which was movable on wheels so it could be displayed wherever students would like.

-Research the most compelling recycling facts from the EPA website.

Project Cost: $2500. Cost for the materials, requested from the student club committee.

Words of Advice

-Plan, plan, plan!  First we had to request funding to even start the project. 

-Stick with it.  It was a big project that could have fallen through at any moment.

-Utilize all of your team members for help!