Pre-built PROJECTS

Check out pre-built projects for your club to take on, designed by EnviroHub and our partnering organizations! 

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Glass Recycling  

Objective: Bring glass-only recycling to your campus, and help to save thousands of pounds of glass from landfills! 

 ***Available for clubs in Colorado only


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project directory 

Need ideas and inspiration for what your club should work on this semester? Utilize the project directory to search through projects other clubs have done! 

Highlighted Projects this month:


Source-Separated Recycling Station Project

Objective: Increase recovery of recycled materials by providing source-separated recycling bins! 

Credit: SLCC Environmental Club, Salt Lake City Community College  


Meatless MoDay Month 

Objective: Encourage the campus community to eat meatless every Monday for the month of November, and provide ways for them to do so!

Credit: Green Oxford, Miami University


Garbage Patch Demonstration

Objective: raise awareness on the ocean garbage patches, encouraging the campus community to cut back on their waste and dispose of it properly.

Credit: SLCC Environmental Club, Salt Lake City Community College 

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