Without the support of our partners and sponsors, we wouldn't be where we are today. 


Clear Intentions - is a minority woman-owned and operated business that diverts glass from landfills and processes it into a high-quality crushed glass called cullet, which is used in the manufacturing of new glass bottles, terrazzo, and fiberglass insulation. Clear Intentions helps reduce landfill waste, reduce manufacturing emissions, and brings communities together around glass recycling through cause-branding efforts. 

The Environmental Literacy Council - is an independent, non-profit made up of scientists, economists, and educators striving to connect teachers and students to science-based information on environmental issues.

Event sponsors

Lowbrow Denver -  is a beautiful art store fever dream made manifest on this plane to feature the works of local artists and provide you with glitter, graffiti supplies, coloring books, collectible art toys, scented markers, and every other art supply you can think of! Lowbrow donated items to our Recycled-Glass Holiday-Bash. 

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