Brittany Evans

President & Board Chair



Todd Lehman

Board Director & VP

It has always been my passion to connect the world around sustainability and environmental science. When it comes to health of our planet and our increasingly global community, sustainability is not just a buzz word anymore, but an imperative that we must all strive for.


Kelley Matthews

Executive director 

From the time I was old enough to understand the environmental issues that our society is up against, I have wanted to go after them headstrong. It is our responsibility to preserve what we have for generations to come. I believe that there is only hope with action. We need to stop waiting for action, and be action.



EnviroHub kick started my awareness of environmental issues when i learned about the ocean garbage patches. From then on, I have been engaged in learning what we can do to fix the damage we have caused to our environment, not only for ourselves but for all the amazing creatures we share the planet with.