Meatless Monday Month

Club: Green Oxford

Submitted by: Kelley Matthews

Location: Miami University, Oxford Ohio

Project objective: Encourage the campus community to eat meatless every Monday for the month of November, and provide ways for them to do so! 


Project Details: 

We had a group of five students within our club that worked to tackle this project! We were all very passionate about conscious meat consumption, and noticed that our on-campus dining halls did not have very many meatless options. We decided to run a month-long campaign, "Meatless Monday Month" to educate the student body on the environmental impacts of meat-heavy diets, and work to provide more options for eating meatless (on Mondays)! 

Key Actions

-Worked with on campus dining hall coordinators to bring delicious meatless options to dining halls for four consecutive Mondays. Club members submitted their favorite meatless recipes to give some options. 

-Set up tables every Monday within dining halls to interact with students and educate on the benefits of going meatless one day a week

-worked with the film club to get a video broadcast out to the campus community. Check out the video below!

-Set up a raffle with prizes as an incentive for people to try the meatless options! Any time a student requested a meatless entree option, they were given a ticket to drop into the raffle box stationed at each dining hall. Each week we gave away prizes to participants, which were donated by local shops and restaurants. Some of the prizes we offered: gift cards to chipotle and coffee shops, jewelry, and reusable water bottles. 

Project Cost: This was a low budget project! We just needed funds for our posters, tabling materials, and supplies to make the raffle boxes. We applied and were granted funding through the student government, who handles all student organization funds. 

Words of Advice

-The raffle incentive worked really well to encourage students to try the meatless meals! 

-Creating the hashtag #miamigoesmeatless helped to boost our social media campaign!

-Make sure you leave yourself enough time to work with dining hall coordinators and the head chefs. They need time to approve recipes and bring in all the ingredients for the meals. 

-We utilized resources from the nonprofit initiative: http://www.meatlessmonday.com/. They have all kinds of facts and materials to utilize when building a Meatless Monday campaign!