Club:  SLCC EnviroClub

Submitted by: Todd Lehman

Location: Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, UT

Project objective: Raise awareness (with our actual trash) about the growing plastic and trash problems in our oceans, and what can be done about it.

Project Details: 

Using all of the campus trash for one building, we decided to make a HUGE display right in the middle of the student center.   We gathered our club members, and some more volunteers, to spread two enormous blue tarps to represent the worlds' oceans, and proceeded to dump and stack as much trash as we could just to make a compelling visual.  Most folks don't know where their trash goes, and more often than not, even in land-locked states, our trash ends up in our local rivers, and eventually our oceans.

Key Actions

-We worked with facilities to get approval to go "dumpster diving" in the buildings trash bin.

-Gathered approvals from the student center to do some sort of display.

-Set up two poster boards with engaging facts, and compelling animal photos.

Project Cost: The trash was obviously free!  The ocean tarps were donated by club members, and all other materials were paid for by our student fees and fundraising we had done at tabling events. 

Words of Advice


-Don't be afraid to push the boundaries of what is allowed.  Our display was eventually torn down due to concerns for fire-hazards, but really it was because we took over the entire student center lobby for our display!

-If you're leading the project, don't be afraid to direct others to achieve your vision.