About the Program 

The EnviroHub Club Membership Program is designed to unite student-run environmental clubs on college campuses across the nation. By becoming a member of EnviroHub, student clubs are brought into one network where they can work together, share ideas, and gain support to come up with solutions for a greener tomorrow. 


This program is currently in a trial period for the next few months, so that we can get feedback from students and better develop the program for their needs. We are looking for clubs to participate in the trial! Participating clubs can access all of the program benefits for free! 

The students of today are the working professionals of tomorrow. It is vital to empower them in the sustainability movement and show them that they do have the power and resources to make a difference in this world.



ONline club community

Utilize the online community to connect with students in other EnviroHub Member Clubs across the country! Work together to come up with sustainable solutions to environmental problems. 


The EnviroHub Club Toolkit includes all kinds of resources to help you optimize the potential of your environmental club. From club marketing and fundraising, to raising awareness, we're here to help. 

PRe-built projects

Access pre-built projects for your club to take on, either on campus or in the community, giving your club the opportunity to take action! Toolkits and resources are included to help guide you through the project so that you can reach success! 

Project directory

Utilize the project directory to search for projects that other clubs have successfully done, and get the scoop on how they did it! Submit your club's projects to showcase your work and help other members too. 

Project Funding 

Need funding for a project? Submit a proposal to EnviroHub for the opportunity to get financial support from sponsors and donors interested in your endeavor. 


Sustainable businesses, environmental organizations, and member clubs are brought together through our campaigns and projects, providing opportunities for career networking.  Perfect for students or individuals interested in pursuing a sustainably focused career.



We are currently going through a trial period for this program, so membership is FREE! 

club membership requirements:

  1. Club is in support of and acts in alignment with EnviroHub's mission to raise environmental awareness.
  2. Club and it's members must not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status, in any activities or operations. 
  3. We are currently only accepting student clubs and committees on college or university campuses.